For the second day of our Mock Trial slash second entry for the NYFW contest, I opted for a pastel ensemble. I wanted my second entry to be different from the first one, so made it a little more “fun” but made sure it is still appropriate for the trial. Fun usually meant bright colors, but again, we thought bright colors seemed more of summer and spring instead of fall.

Pastel colors to the rescue!! Here is what I wore for the 2nd session of the Mock Trial slash 2nd entry for the NYFW contest.


And yes, I was wearing flats. I brought heels, but the soft loam eats it up so I was forced to wear flats. *sigh*


gImagine a wind-less day plus a blazer on. I was more sweaty than I looked here. Glenn (click HERE to check out his blog) brought a gigantic fan which we use once in a while to lessen up the haggardness that this wind-less morning gave us.


But still, it was too much. I felt deprived of oxygen so I decided to remove my blazer to allow my skin to breathe.



I didn’t really have to accessorize much because I wanted all the focus to my printed skirt. It is London btw, in case you hadn’t noticed. Yes, this is an entry to NEW YORK Fashion Week, I am very much aware of that. But who could resist the print on this skirt? Besides, one of the criteria for judging is the uniqueness of the outfit. Not all bandage skirts have a gorgeous print like this.


Don’t leave my cuff unnoticed! Leaves, yes! It was too cute that Glenn used it for his own photos HAHAHAHA




Hype this on Lookbook.


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