Anime Girl


A friend told me about the cosplay assembly happening that day, and that he actually thought I am participating in the said event. HAHAHA!


When he mentioned that, I actually agreed that my outfit for the day do look anime-ish. I felt like an anime school girl the entire day!



Don’t my bangs just add to the whole anime thing? Thank you for cooperating, bangs!





It was extra windy that day, good thing I have my stockings on! This pair of stockings is literally the most comfortable I have ever worn in my entire life. It fitted me perfectly and its texture is just amazingly relaxing! This pair is anti-varicose veins. Although I don’t really have varicose veins, I’d say prevention is better than cure! Also, it really feels therapeutic and I’m not even kidding when I say that I didn’t feel hot or itchy at all. Sadly though, I don’t remember its brand. 😦



Say hello to my kitty flats! Image

WEARING: Top from Petit Monde, Flats from Parisian

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