This whole ensemble is inspired by Barbie. I adore Barbie.

I grew up watching Barbie films and collecting barbies as much as I can. I am aware, though, that the number of barbies I have is nowhere near those who really call themselves Barbie collectors.



I have had this top for quite some time now and I always had a hard time deciding on what to pair it with. When I got this bright pink origami skort, I knew at once that they would go well together.



Now the biggest surprise of this outfit is not actually the obvious Barbie colors, but the flats. I want to tell you about my obsession with keys. Almost all of my necklaces have key pendants on them, and my friends and family know how much I get excited whenever I see anything with a key/keys.

So when I saw this pair of flats, my heart skipped a beat and I just knew instantly that they were made for me! (HAHA) I got it at once and tried it on. The color is just as lovely, as well as the material. It was definitely love at first sight.


Displayed in the mall are only the flats for the right foot. When I asked for the display’s pair, I went even more crazy to see that the design is a lock! IT WAS PERFECT. ❤

Forgive me for still being excited whenever I recall that sweet sweet moment with my flats. To compliment my new favorite flats, I wore this red lock and key necklace given by my beloved friend, Penas. Hi Penas. 😁😊❤



To give me more of the arti-artihan feels, I brought this cute pink pouch and wore my coral bracelet.


WEARING: Origami Skort from Ifassion, Flats from Rusty Lopez

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