Edgy Cat


It was drizzling that morning we took outfit shots. We were not able to conduct our usual photoshoot on our “paradise”, since I’m wearing ankle boots and I would not want any mud on its velvet material.


And no, I’m not just using Glenn’s (Click HERE to check out his blog) umbrella for props. Surprisingly, the whole umbrella idea played a factor to the arti-artihan feels I always aim for.




I wore my black detachable collar to add a girly vibe to my edgy look. I like how the collar made the whole look a perfect balance between edgy and girly. The ankle boots, studs on my top, and the leather skirt scream edgy. Meanwhile, the cat eyes, the bright pink top, pink nail polish and girly accessories whisper girly.




Ladies, let me highlight the importance of choosing the right leather skirt. I know that anything in good quality leather is pricy and there are countless of online shops and bazaars selling them for a cheaper price. I do not mean to generalize inexpensive leather skirts, but know that in most cases, with cheap prices comes cheap quality. it is important to make sure that your leather skirt Iooks leather and not a black garbage bag. Seriously, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Some leather skirts do look like a garbage bag made into a skirt and they do not look fashionable at all.  😦  Some pricy pieces are reasonable if they promise a good quality leather or leatherette.




WEARING: Sunnies from Police, Leather Skirt from Forever 21, Ankle boots from S&H


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