Striped Dress

Striped dresses are very common, most especially a black and white one. The design is so common that it’s almost expected to come across someone with the same dress. Once, I wore this dress to the mall and I’m not kidding when I say that I bumped onto 4 ladies wearing the same one. That makes 5 of us choosing to wear a striped dress that day.


Is it just me or do you also feel a pang in your chest being in the same place with someone in a similar – or in worse cases, completely identical – clothing as you? Well I do. But then, that must just be my ego talking.


So to lessen my anxiety about bumping onto my abrupt twin, I layered this navy blue striped dress with my camo green blouse and added a brown belt.




As expected, I did come across someone wearing a striped dress that day. Luckily enough I was prepared for such encounter! 😉


WEARING: Gingersnaps Blouse

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