Sweater Weather






WEARING: From Greenhills Top, Tachionlineshop (IG) velvet skirt, Pearl Detachable Collar/ Bib Necklace

This plain sweater can be used in numerous ways. The thing with sweaters is that they can easily match anything you pair them with. The downside though, is that we live in a tropical country and sweaters aren’t advisable unless you want to sweat like hell. But since we consider December as sweater weather, it would be the best time to bring out your stock of sweaters because they’ll be most useful this time of the year (or will it be? last time I checked the temperature is 31 C). But if you’re staying under the sun please spare yourself from heat stroke by wearing something light, sweaters are a no no trust me. I’ve received a lot of praises and inquiries about where I got this adorable blue velvet skirt that I’m wearing. I found it in an online shop in instagram sold for a VERY affordable price, very much unlike those we can buy in Topshop etc. What’s even greater about it is that the velvet quality is considerably good. Who would have thought that good quality velvet skirts are no more threat to your savings? The bib necklace worked its way to be quite noticeable herself for adding glitz to the plain sweater. Btw, this entire outfit (excluding the shoes) can be obtained for as low as 630 pesos 😉 Good luck on everyone’s Christmas shopping!



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