Birthday OOTD

I was rushing a bit when these photos were taken and both my dad and my ate had little to no experience in taking outfit shots. Well, at least I have a few decent photos.




Unfortunately, the photos weren’t able to capture the details of the dress, more importantly, the back detail. This dress from Nafnaf is actually a few sizes bigger than my actual size. But you know that time when you see a pretty dress hanging on one of the racks and you just instantly imagine yourself wearing it? Yep, that’s it. I was told that this dress is actually from their 2013 collection and it’s the last piece remaining. I just couldn’t imagine leaving the store without it so even if it isn’t my size, I still bought it.






Because I don’t have a full-body shot, here is a close-up shot of my shoes. This is a gift from an aunt who happens to be as kikay as me. Although it isn’t the original Valentino shoes (which costs more than P30k), I must say that it is actually a very good replica.

Let me know what you think!

Xx Tricia


I PROMISE TO UPDATE THIS COME SEMBREAK ON MID-OCTOBER. I won’t be posting a lot of outfit posts though since I didn’t have ANY photoshoot this sem AT ALL. Yes, that is how much time my academics demand from me. Anyway, I’ll probably just post reviews of new products I tried, a few food trips I went to, and debuts I attended. Hoping to hear from you soon, xx Tricia


Hi! It’s been so long since my last post so I decided to take a break from studying and let you know what’s up with me.

Last summer, I made perhaps one of the biggest decisions I ever made in my life: I shifted to my dream course, BS Management Engineering. It was a tough decision since shifting from one course to another would mean not being able to graduate on time – that is, along with my batchmates. At the same, it was a relief. Since freshman year, I’ve been arguing to myself whether to shift or not, to risk being delayed or continue with what I invested with, to step up or to hold back. The thing is, shifting has always been an option but I never had the guts to actually submit all the requirements and more than that, face what others deem as the “hell life of a ME student”. When I finally had the courage one evening, I grabbed the opportunity and worked on all the requirements. I didn’t want to think about it any further because as they say, the chances of changing your mind increase when you have more time to think. And so the very next day, I took the big leap.

Now, 9/9/14, my first semester as a ME student is about to reach its end. 6 weeks to go and I’ll know how well/badly I did this semester. I’m having a really hard time, to be honest. Although, I’m also giving credit to myself since this is the most effort I have ever exerted on my academics. This is a challenge to myself, to find the be(a)st in me that I didn’t know I was capable of being. If all else fails, atleast I tried. For once, I can actually say to myself that I didn’t just dream, but I actually dreamed and chased them.

I hope this inspires you somehow, that you CAN take the big leap too!

Back to studying, wish me luck!BSME_nomiddlename