Around the world with T6

After our accelerated term ended and before we leave for the term abroad (which my Seoul sisters and I will blog about here), our block immediately planned a getaway in the far and green lands of Bataan. The place where we stayed was nearly a 4-hour drive from Ateneo, including a 40-minute stopover in NLEX for lunch.
IMG_0799IMG_0975Our main itinerary is Camaya Coast Beach resort. It was a good hour or so drive from where we stayed but I can’t really say for sure since we got lost along the way LOL.




IMG_0951The beach was lovely.You don’t have to think about stepping on seaweeds or stones, or swimming with jellyfish. The water levels were also surprisingly friendly. I was already 50 meters away from the shore but the water level was still knee-deep. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on your personal preference. I personally enjoyed it because I can stay farther away from the shore and sit with the small waves against my back.

The resort also has two infinity pools: a kiddie pool and an adult pool. Both looked really cool and well-maintained.


The entrance fee was just 499php inclusive of lunch and a kayak.The kayaks were unfortunately “under maintenance” at the time so we weren’t able to try it. Nonetheless, the beach trip was fun and relaxing, exactly what we needed after a stressful semester. So excited for what’s in store for all of us in the next few months.
Stay tuned!

Xxx Tricia

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