Tricia and Sandy’s Chicken Adobo

First installment of #CookingWednesdays

Seoul Searching

IMG_3521Every Wednesday, our class ends at 10:45 am; a little bit too early to retire for the day. And since Bea couldn’t come with us, we decided not to go out. We then decided to cook Adobo, the most famous dish from the PH. Tricia and I went up he hill to buy some ingredients and it was such a fun experience. The trek, rather the hike, was so tiring that we caught ourselves gasping for air as we reached the top of the hill. We went in the grocery store and searched for the ingredients.

IMG_3506We easily spotted the chicken and it was immediately removed from our list. We found the soIMG_3519y sauce but it was a struggle since everything was in Korean. We even asked the staff but to no avail.We then decided to just get the smallest bottle in case we don’t like the taste. The vinegar…

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Everland Theme Park, South Korea

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Seoul Search: Gangnam

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