Memory lane 2016: Saying Yes to New Adventures

My theme for this year is Say Yes to New Adventures which I believe is appropriate given that I wanted to continue my adventures from JTA. July 2016 also marks the beginning of my senior year and I realized that there are still so much stuff I haven’t tried or experienced. I believe that the mantra gave me courage and helped me grab all the opportunities to learn and grow no matter how uncertain and scary the outcome may be. I took a couple of leaps of faith, and with just the right amount of confidence in myself and support from my loved ones, I can say that 2016 was one heck of an adventure that I said “Yes” to. Continue reading

Around the world with T6

After our accelerated term ended and before we leave for the term abroad (which my Seoul sisters and I will blog about here), our block immediately planned a getaway in the far and green lands of Bataan. The place where we stayed … Continue reading