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Some of my blockmates are changing their profile pictures into this

Judging from how it looks, I’m guessing it’s edited by the kontrabida of my life, Angie.
I’ve seen gimmicks like this before but I still felt extremely kilig when I see that they’re doing it for me. Also, I enjoy reading the captions. They’re mostly short, simple, and sincere. I feel like I’m having a real debut celebration where these friends are called out one-by-one to give out their messages. I feel so loved. Thank you blockmates!

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I just finished reading a yahoo article called <a href=”http://https://ph.she.yahoo.com/photos/10-ways-to-reinvent-your-look-slideshow/10-warm-up-your-face-photo-1410926697313.html”>”10 Ways to Reinvent Your Look”</a>, perfect for my crossing-from-childhood-years-to-mature-years day! HAHAHA I think I’m ready to sleep.

We started the day by celebrating mass where, coincidentally, we were asked to be the offerers of. Then, we went straight to our second home, Glorietta-Greenbelt, and had lunch at Italianni’s which is one of my mom’s favorite restaurants.








Since everyone’s finished giving me their gifts (I will blog about them very soon), we went shopping for my baby sister, who’s celebrating her 10th birthday 5 days later, instead. We went to Greenbelt and entered different kiddie stores. However, the pieces from Gingersnaps were the ones tat caught her attention. There she bought a cute tank top paired with a printed leggings. She also bought a pair of shoes from Toms!





I thank God for this wonderful day spent with the most important people in my life. Also, thank you family and friends for all the birthday greetings! You all made me feel very special.

Xxx, Tricia

Yellow + Cobalt Blue

I was invited to the 18th birthday celebration of my EnLit(English/Literature) blockmate and friend, Shawntel. On birthday parties, I avoid dark colors as much as possible. I am one to believe that birthdays are happy occasions and must be celebrated with bright colors to bring out the happy vibes. As I have noticed, a lot of people today choose to wear what seems to be party clothes for me, taking into consideration the usual “after-party” where alcoholic drinks are available and dancing all night is the thing. Even with this on mind, the little kid inside me still urges me to wear something bright and colorful, which I associate with happiness. Nevertheless, black/white will always be the color of sophistication. For me, however, there are more occasions in which I can look sophisticated. On birthday celebrations, I’d like to bring out my inner kid party vibes where twirling my skirt is the aha-moment.

I’ve been checking out good color combinations lately and I honestly fell in love with the bright yellow + cobalt blue combination. This is the kind of combination that I consider ‘happy’ because it reminds me of a lot of things (i.e. summer, sunflowers, sun, beach etc)’.





What did I say about my skirt again? Right.








Blue Leather Skirt from Apartment 8 Clothing, Silver Sandals from Parisian




Top is actually my sister’s LOL

Here are a few photos from the event



An article’s been written about the her entire celebration in Philippine Star!! Read about it HERE.

Happy 18th again, Shawntel!