So I got the package I have long…

So I got the package I have long been waiting for from an online shop and when it arrived on my doorstep I was beyond excited that maybe I raised my expectations a little too high.

A few days back, the online store where I got it from informed me that they have run out of stocks with the color of my choice and gave a few suggestions such as having it in the same color as I wanted but in a different fabric, or simply giving them another color. I was a little disappointed because I already paid and was left with the options they suggested. Out of disappointment maybe, and the want to have my package as soon as possible, I told them to have it in any color available instead.

The package arrived this afternoon and as I mentioned earlier, I was really excited to open it. I got out 2 skirts. One is for me and the other one is a gift to my little sister. The one which had a rough background is the one for my little sister and I see they made it in yellow instead. Then it struck me, my little sister already has a yellow skirt and now she gets another one. It was a stupid stupid mistake not to think it over because there were only three colors available that time: Mint, pink, and yellow. It was an honest mistake because my sister only has a skirt in one of these colors and that is yellow. I could have gotten pink or mint, how silly of me!

And then another problem arose when she started fitting the skirt. It was too big for her. The skirt’s sizes are actually customized and I gave the shop complete details of her measurements – only I guess I’m not really good in taking measurements since when I did think about it, the measurements I gave are indeed, too big for a 9-year old girl. And to my surprise, when I tried it on, it fitted me perfectly well.

The problem is, I already have a yellow skirt myself though in a slightly lighter shade. Now the dilemma is this:

Will I kindly and wishfully ask the online shop to replace the item, in color, so at least I can use it for myself? or should I just keep it since its quality is actually finer than my other yellow skirt and they have different shades anyway?

I know it all depends on the online shop and I am aware that they are definitely not to blame. They only did adjustments on the measurements I specified because I told them to, and about the unavailability of colors, it does happen. It was a huge mistake ordering and not thinking about what I just ordered and if it was worth my money or not. In this case, it was not. Not because of the quality or the service of the shop. It was not worth it because I could have gotten better only if I was thinking.

I hope this experience will serve as a lesson to everyone who orders online. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY. Do not make the same mistake I did – to let others decide for you. It is YOUR money and you should take charge. I just felt really bad when I saw my little sister frown a little when she saw I got her a yellow skirt (again) and even more disappointed when it did not fit her. I guess I’ll just buy her a new gift and this time I’ll make sure she likes it (and it fits her).