Workin’ the Lily Collins Peg

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that I look anything like Lily Collins here. Her beauty is otherworldly, there is no question to that.

I first fell in love with Lily Collins when I watched the movie Stuck in Love, where she is paired with another one of my favorites, Logan Lerman. I thought she was gorgeous so I started looking at her pictures in the internet and examined which of her features make her stand out among the rest of the equally stunning Hollywood stars.

The Lily Collins peg is actually pretty simple: Full eyebrows + Red lipstick.

I never tried using an eyebrow pencil before so I don’t know if I used it correctly haha (I accept constructive criticism in the comment section. Keyword: constructive). I used my mom’s Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil and my sister’s red Maybelline lipstick.








Did I achieve the look? Or better yet, did I pull it off? Let me know!

Xxx Tricia

Thrift Shopping

I remember my classmates freaking out when I told how much this whole outfit costs. They said they never would have guessed that absolutely everything I’m wearing here is a product of my thrift shopping! You see I really love dressing up and I like my closet to have variety. As much as I would like to run to the mall and buy as much clothes that I want, I’m afraid I don’t have enough money for that. Also, it would be impractical to keep on buying clothes and stack them in your closet for a really long time. As a solution, I thrift shop! You would be surprised that there are actually a lot of stores in the mall that sell very affordable clothes with decent quality. Patience is the key!



The plain white shirt I’m wearing here is from Tiendesitas. Basic white tops are a must since you can pair them with almost anything and be sure that it will always work out! I tend to overuse this shirt especially on lazy casual outfits to school or to a spontaneous hang outs with friends. I got it for 100 pesos. Good deal isn’t it?



This pair of shorts is from Greenhills. I bought it for only 150 pesos. I think it went down from 300 since I bought a lot more from that shop. Haha. The snakeskin necklace is from one of my Divisoria trips with my sister. It costs 50 pesos.


Meanwhile, this pair of shoes is from SM. I don’t know what they call them but they’re the ones with the “2 for 399” promo.


The shades are a little more expensive though. They’re from Sunnies Studios (previously called Sunnies by Charlie), for 499. But of course you can opt to buy more affordable sunnies but I personally go for the good quality ones since I don’t really buy sunnies all the time.

You see, fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s just about finding the right places to buy.

Let me know what you think! Xxx Tricia

Birthday OOTD

I was rushing a bit when these photos were taken and both my dad and my ate had little to no experience in taking outfit shots. Well, at least I have a few decent photos.




Unfortunately, the photos weren’t able to capture the details of the dress, more importantly, the back detail. This dress from Nafnaf is actually a few sizes bigger than my actual size. But you know that time when you see a pretty dress hanging on one of the racks and you just instantly imagine yourself wearing it? Yep, that’s it. I was told that this dress is actually from their 2013 collection and it’s the last piece remaining. I just couldn’t imagine leaving the store without it so even if it isn’t my size, I still bought it.






Because I don’t have a full-body shot, here is a close-up shot of my shoes. This is a gift from an aunt who happens to be as kikay as me. Although it isn’t the original Valentino shoes (which costs more than P30k), I must say that it is actually a very good replica.

Let me know what you think!

Xx Tricia