Around the world with T6

After our accelerated term ended and before we leave for the term abroad (which my Seoul sisters and I will blog about here), our block immediately planned a getaway in the far and green lands of Bataan. The place where we stayed … Continue reading

The Witch

Recently, we had a photoshoot for the Lit Plotcast contest open to all freshman literature classes. Since I love photoshoots and the photographer is none other than my good friend, Glenn (click HERE to check out his blog), I felt comfortable enough to volunteer myself as the witch. Besides the additional 20 points for all the participants, I also thought that volunteering will add up to my list of adventures for my first semester in college. The shoot turned out to be great, and I really did enjoy dressing up both as a witch and an old woman.

Lucky enough, one of my classmates has this witch costume which in my eyes are fabulous! It is no ordinary witch costume. It actually is a long black dress with a little witch details on the sleeves and on the hemline. What’s more exciting about it is its low neckline and high slit on one side! I suppose it’s used for Halloween Parties, as in party-party! I was dressed up as a modern witch, indeed!



After the first scene, I had to transform into a good old woman. So wrinkles + powder on hair + vintage-y clothes for me!!

BUT..I’m not posting the photos here! You have to watch the video to see. 😉

After the shoot for the plotcast, the usual arti-artihan shoot followed. ❤






Oops! Do you see my gray hair? HAHAHA

And for the last frame, my favorite shot!


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Click on the link and watch the video! 🙂 THANK YOU!