Dorm Essentials – Part 1

This year will be my third year as a dormer yet from time to time I still find myself struggling to make my dorm as close to home as possible. I badly wish I stumbled upon a guide that says what and what not to bring into my dorm just before moving in. Too bad I didn’t and you could guess that my first weeks have not been quite as smooth as I wanted. This post is for everyone else who might find his/herself faced with the same situation and is totally clueless about the dormer life. It will be divided into two parts where part I will include a personal list while part II will focus more on the appliances and furniture.

The following includes the things that people usually miss on their what-to-pack list. My experience, however, tells me that they proved themselves worthy to be included in your luggage.

  1. Pitcher/Ice cube tray

My dorm didn’t provide us with a water dispenser so the water we have is just room temperature. For those of you who prefers to drink cold water like me, don’t forget to bring a pitcher so you can store water in the fridge! Meanwhile, an ice cube tray can be used to cool other beverages.

  1. Kitchen towel

This is to wipe the plates and utensils dry. I would also recommend that you bring a separate towel to wipe your hands after washing them.

  1. Small mirror

You might have a full-body mirror in your dorm, but small mirrors are more handy and simply serve a different purpose. I personally recommend the one with a stand, besides the compact mirror you put inside your make-up pouch. You can use this while you put on your pair of contact lenses, if you have one.

  1. Printer

You might find yourself cursing since the nearest printing shop is closed and you don’t have enough time to hop into another one. I still find it most convenient to have your own printer in your dorm since you don’t have to go to the nearest printing shop every time you have to print your paper.

  1. Pesticides

Yup, your dorm lady told you that there are absolutely no roaches in your dorm. Truth is, roaches appear out of nowhere and you might just get the shock of your life when you see one of them in your room – flying. Better safe than sorry, right?

  1. Pot holder

Since you’re a dormer, expect to eat microwave-heated food every so often.

  1. Plastic bags

For the trash bin, for leftover food, etcetera etcetera.

  1. Butter knife

Speaks for itself.

  1. Scissors

Life is so much easier with a pair of scissors, trust me. If you don’t bring one in your dorm, I can only imagine how annoyed your dorm mates will be when you borrow their pair from time to time. I also suggest that you get a separate pair of/as kitchen scissors.

  1. Hangers

You just ironed your dress but realized that you have to fold it back into your closet because you don’t have hangers. Such a waste, isn’t it?

  1. Basin
    This can used for either the kitchen or the bathroom. I have two for both. It can be used for a lot of things that involves washing and cleaning.
  2. Lampshade

If you’re sharing the room with someone else, it is only polite to turn off the lights when the other is about to sleep. Although most of the time one of you will find her self staying up all night reviewing for the exams for the following day. In that case, this will be your best friend.

  1. Extension cord

Two reasons. 1. So that you can bring the plug closer to you and 2. Since the plugs just never seem to be enough, especially when you share a space with other people. Who knows, your extension cord might just save everyone else’s day.

I’m sure I missed a lot of stuff in this list. I’ll add them when I remember.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Xxx Tricia

UPDATE: Read Part II here.